• Best in class technology

    Best in class technology

    AMS state-of-the-art membranes have been tested and proven to exhibit a high degree of chemical stability with the ability to operate in high concentrations of acid, alkaline and organic solvents and their mixtures.

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  • Exploring new ideas

    Exploring new ideas

    Our team of experts is constantly exploring new ways and ideas of meeting our client’s ever evolving needs and requirements.

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  • Multiple Applications

    Multiple Applications

    The use of our membranes enable treatment of aggressive streams in various industries such as Mining, Pharma, Diary, Pulp & Rayon, Chemicals and the Food and Beverage industry.

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  • Environmental Benefits

    Environmental Benefits

    AMS addresses the growing demand of environmental legislation to minimize disposal to the environment and recycle water and chemical resources.

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New generation membranes

UNISOL develops and markets chemically and thermally stable ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes. These membranes represent a technological breakthrough with significant improvements in the economics of inorganic compounds.

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Reduced operational costs

Our membrane’s unique durability allows for industrial clients to re-use acids, solvents and alkali streams while simultaneously increasing materials recovery and meeting regulatory discharge treatment requirements.

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Expert membrane support

At UNISOL we examine possible applications for our clients’ specific plant design and we consult on further plant improvements and developments. Our separation expertise is geared towards providing support to our clients’ requirements.

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Membranes with unique qualities

A combination of stability and performance makes our membranes best in class. An unmatched range of durability to harsh streams and operating conditions enables our products to be applied in a wide range of separation applications.

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